I have been helping customer load bike racks for 12 years and this would help!   ~ Sebastian: Bishops Bicycles

I like that it's small, looks good and is very simple. Best of all is the price.   ~ David Boles,owner: The Bike Source

Years ago I bough a new mountain bike and a rack that attached to the spare tire on the back of my Nissan Pathfinder. One weekend a friend and I took our bikes to a great trail we knew about. It was a bit of a drive and when we arrived, we discovered that the two bikes had been hitting each other and that the paint on my new bike was severely damaged - very upsetting. I sure wish this product had been available at that time.   ~ Bill Lafferty

Great idea!   ~ Liane: Inner Bank South Fitters

Certainly eye catching!   ~ CG: Garmin

I've had a chance to look at your website and your product.  I have forwarded it to the owners of Bikes Plus have recommended that they take the time to review your product.  It's a nice design and concept.   ~ Bill Fredric: Bikes Plus

I can definitely see a use for something like this.   ~ Will May 

I used to have a hanging style bike rack that mounted on to my trailer hitch that could hold up to four bikes. Often several friends and I would take our bikes places for rides and you could hear the bikes knocking into each other all the way there and back. I wouldn't have hesitated to buy a Cycle Buddy had they been on the market. I can't believe no one has done something like this before.   ~ Eric Bjorge 

Looks nice and I can see the usefulness - cool idea!    ~ Dale Potter